Emily's "Fat Dream"

This dream is from one of my favorite artists, the ever-distinctive, Emily Fox King.​ You can see more of her work at www.emilyfoxart.com


I was riding a train through the woods, when the conductor's voice came over the loud speaker, "Don't be alarmed as we go through this next section, folks, there is nothing we can do." As the train turned the bend in the woods we passed the wreckage of what looked to be a horrible train wreck that seemed to have happened in the previous weeks.

Amidst the wreckage there were a few people, they were all grotesquely obese and recovering from wounds. We passed an extremely obese man and woman with bloody head wounds- the blood caked and dried over their faces. They were playing cards and cackling loudly. The laughs of the damned. I felt helpless as the train pulled through the area and left.

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