Emily's Native American Spirit Dream

Emily had a a dream about the spirit of a Native American woman hovering a distance from her bed--she never physically saw anything, but she just knew the spirit of a Native American woman was there.

This is a perfect instance of metaphor representing something different for all of us. I would have associated a Native American Spirit Woman as someone who is in touch with the earth, with wisdom, but when I asked Emily what Native Americans brought to mind for her, she said, "an oppressed people, exploited, having your rights and land taken from you."​

Given Native Americans being a symbol of oppression for her, I suggested that maybe there was an intangible feeling of oppression and exploitation--ofnot being fully in control of what she feels is her rightful existence in her life. Perhaps she couldn't quite see the form, but the presence of those feelings are there, within a stone's throw of her bed--looming.

​What do you think?