Kasey's Building Dream

"Two facts make this dream incredibly memorable for me:

1. I live in Brooklyn, NY on a 3rd floor walk up in the coziest/charming/non-Manhattan neighborhood.​

2. I rarely have "dream-like" fantastical dreams.​


Dream starts out with a really grey grim building that's 100 stories high. It's all windowless rooms, room after room until you get to one room and then there's a window. You look out and you're 100 stories high.

Outside the window is a ferris wheel that's just as high as this 100 story building you're in, and it's massive, larger than anything you can even imagine. Everything about it feels really really colorful and full of opportunity. It feels like life, and it's spinning. It's just fantastic."

One particularly vivid dream as illustrated and described by my sister, Kasey​.

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