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What is it?

*Think Salon + experiential art installation.

Gathering of 8-10 people where guided conversation, spectacular atmosphere & delicious food come together to create insight, connection, meaning and a multi-sensory moment that stays with you.

{"Agape" is a heteronym -- for surprise, wonder, love, feast, communion -- we use the "uh-geyp" pronunciation}

Lovely Sentences People Have Said Afterward:

"The Agape Tea Party was a very unique and exceptional experience. I feel as though Whitney has some sort of genius at creating an event like this. I found it immensely enjoyable. Whitney was able to get a group of strangers to engage in deep and personal conversation. She caused the participants in the conversation to show the essence of themselves in an Aristotelian sense vs. their attributes that people normally discuss at parties such as careers, family, hobbies etc. In sum, it was exactly what Whitney said it was; a tea party that facilitated deep interpersonal conversation that became a powerful experience."  -- John Peterson, Computer Programmer

"Agape is more than a bringing-together of like-minded individuals. It's more than a feast for foodies. It's even more than witnessing museum-worthy installations. Ms. Nozisokva's Agape is an experience.  Agape celebrates the passions of those who enjoy discussions that challenge and push, art that enlightens and defines, and food that nourishes and delights. Having experienced Agape first-hand, I recommend participating."                                                   --Stephanie Ollerton, Cinematographer

"Interesting. Quirky. Vegan. Cool. This was my first agape event. Right away we were given a task that invited us to search our soul and then express it creatively. This might scare some but it was easy, it was cool, and it was very safe. Whitney makes sure of that. She fosters a safe environment for people to enjoy delightful vegan cuisine while getting to share their inspiration and their love. In a world that can often feel adversarial and constrictive to the soul it's wonderful to have friends lift us from the struggle so we can breathe better. And eat better." --Chris Bentley, Writer

"I was surprised how all of the elements of the party were an integral part of the whole. It was more than simply a conversation among relative strangers. It was a reawakening of the art of conversation enjoyed by people of an earlier age. I thoroughly enjoyed it." --Kory Christensen, Attorney

"This was a truly transcendent experience. Time was peacefully suspended as we sat beneath a tree-branch chandelier, surrounded by glittering mason-jars and candles, and supped while soaking in the joy of human company and conversation. I left feeling more whole, more who I really am. A true gift I will never forget!"             --Elizabeth Pinborough, MAR

"Thank you again for this afternoon!  I loved that you and your sister gave so much attention to the details: it made the experience very memorable (when I said that it was very interesting, I meant it!)."  --Jason, founder of The Philosophy Apparatus

"Whitney has a gift for creating personally crafted experiences with the culinary art, aroma and music.  And like Walt Whitman said, 'The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.' Whitney has a way of making things simple and wonderful!" -- Erin Fox, Filmmaker

"permission to spiral into my true potential. tidepool like - engaging sense of smell, touch, taste and sight - permission to be me! a safe harbor of friends and food and wine. beautiful and honest - shining gem of a night." -- Emily Melander, Artist

"A celebratory gathering that provided an opportunity for the women present to recognize the mystique and resilience within.  A chance for everyday stresses to be peeled back so some unspoken and at times painful beliefs about self could rise to the surface and be named. Also - great vegetarian food Whitney may have prepared by stomping with bare feet on the counter." --Andrea Weaver, Speech Pathologist (editor's note: bare feet are only used hygienically & in extenuating circumstances)

"Dinner was not only an incredible feast in the literal sense, but also a feast for the eyes and soul.  The conversation was interesting, insightful, and most importantly genuine. I left the evening filled in every way.  Thanks for making it happen!" --Dianne Orcutt, Attorney

"Sumptuous and healing. Delicious. Nurturing company along with nurturing food. Whitney prepared a setting for honest talk and meaningful sharing, then stood back and let the evening happen. I left satisfied and inspired. Thank YOU Whitney." --Emily King, Artist & Filmmaker

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