may Grace & Bounty be the **magic** of your thanks-giving season

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What People said about December's Agape Tea:

"Interesting. Quirky. Vegan. Cool. This was my first agape event. Right away we were given a task that invited us to search our soul and then express it creatively. This might scare some but it was easy, it was cool, and it was very safe. Whitney makes sure of that. She fosters a safe environment for people to enjoy delightful vegan cuisine while getting to share their inspiration and their love. In a world that can often feel adversarial and constrictive to the soul it's wonderful to have friends lift us from the struggle so we can breathe better. And eat better."     --Chris Bentley, Writer

"This was a truly transcendent experience. Time was peacefully suspended as we sat beneath a tree-branch chandelier, surrounded by glittering mason-jars and candles, and supped while soaking in the joy of human company and conversation. I left feeling more whole, more who I really am. A true gift I will never forget!" --Elizabeth Pinborough, MAR

"Thank you again for this afternoon!  I loved that you and your sister gave so much attention to the details: it made the experience very memorable (when I said that it was very interesting, I meant it!)."                --Jason, founder of The Philosophy Apparatus

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