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Tinselfruit {Tidbits for Instinctualists}

The Sestras Nožisková (WhitneyKasey) have spent long hours (usually in the middle of the night) discussing culture, art, film, love, life, food, books, theories, pseudo-philosophy and all the things in-between (not sure I actually missed anything there) -- all that drives us, as well as the why, the what and the how to evolve as fully expressionistic, heart-whole, moth-burning-in-the-deep-night human beings.

We call ourselves Instinctualists. That is, this desire to express who we are, live who we are, be who we are, to connect with others on a profound level is an INSTINCT as important to human fulfillment as food and air.

We've earned our stripes as good conversationalists on socialite circuits around the globe (SLC, LA, SF, London, Cairo, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Munich, NYC, Moscow, Hamptons, Newport and counting...) Dilettantish? Yes. But somehow, in a profound way.    

We invite you to join us on our newest adventure in conversation!


Till Tinselfruit launches (basically, as soon as Whitney figures out how to upload files to her hosting service and/or we just sign up with Libsyn) enjoy browsing through the following:

Finding a Vocation

Conscious Materialism

Relax... it's Just Life


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