Dandelion Tinselfruit

IMG_0283 (1).JPG

Dandelion season is here. 

I feel it a soothing clamour. Demanding bees' attention. Demanding anyone's attention. Demanding yours. Those blaring heads bullhorning out, literally everywhere. A million little megaphones. Piercing eyes (in the best possible way - oh, to be so audacious) with a siren pitch in the roadside's bumper-to-bumper jam of greenery. Such gauche and loud flora they are. Their wishful fugliness granted across miles and miles. And then miles more.

So of course the omnipresent inspiration surfaced in my latest cake creation, and here they are, demanding your attention yet again.

(Some of those piled mounds are comprised of local bee pollen. How neat is that?)

For those interested, I used this cake recipe from Godiva. Plus an extra T of coconut oil and swirl of avocado oil for good measure. The frosting is a light cocoa cream cheese.