Episode 2: Sleepless & Manic in NYC, Status vs. Starvation -- Discussions on Internships & Happiness

This week, Kasey and Whitney podcast from Soho, NYC (at the absurd hour of 3am!) and Kasey announces some *big news* after her recent trip to Manchester, UK. The sisters go open-kimono on the progress of their start-ups -- Kasey's wallpaper line, and Whitney's first NYC {.Agape} -- intermixed with dispatches from fashion shows, inspirational talks, and art space openings, which have rendered the sisters so sleepless and manic Whitney loses her sense of linear time. Kasey gives a fashion-insider perspective on The Atlantic's label of interning as a "rich girl problem" (and subconscious billboard proclaiming antiquated societal beliefs about women.) And Whitney shares a post, which makes the sisters consider how laughably perverted our pursuit for status has become,  but not before the two make a detour into the topic of Green Porn