Episode 4: Virtual-Real Birthday Presents, Does Facebook Facilitate Personal Growth?, The Experience Economy

This week, Kasey and Whitney prepare to celebrate Kasey's birthday, sharing tales of gifts, past birthdays and how birthdates play out on Facebook. Whitney, who isn't on Facebook, scoffs at an Atlantic article that claims she's thwarting her personal growth as a result, while Kasey declares any rigid platform actually often hinders self-expression. The conversation detours into the history of diets and the bizarre longevity of a certain dairy product on the dieter's plate. Kasey likes the way she's treated at fresh fast food chain Pret a Manger, which is getting criticism for "enforcing happiness" among its employees, but the sisters wonder if the demand actually transforms "workers" into human beings. And Whitney is pleased that the well-designed experience could be the best way to make money in a new economy driven by the currency of unique & enriching experiences.

Credit:  Graphics Fairy