expanding life through radio

For the longest time my morning routine involved French press coffee, compulsory sunshine (no matter the weather, yesterday's grounds have to be thrown outside on a patch of earth) & NPR. 

But like many routines of mine that seemed die-cast for life, I woke up one morning and found I'd grown bored or tired, or possibly out-evolved this one. Not the coffee (I *do fear* that day), but the radio. Fresh Air, RadioWest, it didn't seem to matter... the deluge of info on contemporary culture, who we revere, how many cases of Ebola in Texas there were, which I'd always drank up so thirstily (well, less so the Ebola sensationalism -- and maybe that's what tipped this), had become disagreeable and unsatisfying. Like a carrot I'd been sucking on & was no longer was orange. Whatever satiation it initially offered, was now pale and white and tasteless. I felt hugely deficient a nutrient. I needed something else in my diet. 

I was in a bit of a quandary over this. I tried classical music. I tried silence.

Silence was winning.

That is, till Maria Popova's piece on meditation, which endorsed Tara Brach's site.

A look at the website of the fantastically-grounded & soothingly-voiced Tara Brach, revealed an archive of weekly lectures (from  2006 - now) on everything from "Relating Wisely to Fear" to "Living Aligned with the Heart." 

Intrigued, I played one. Then another.

I've now been listening to one of Tara Brach's lectures (randomly selected, whichever topic sounds most interesting) in the morning along with prepping and drinking my coffee for a week and I wholeheartedly recommend them. In tone, they remind me of a Sunday sermon (the sort of Sunday sermons I *wish* I'd grown up hearing), full of acceptance and practical wisdom and calling us out on what it is our human nature to do in a way that makes me genuinely laugh. E.g. I was fascinated by one where she said there's an interpretation of the "fall from Eden" wherein the sin had nothing to with being curious and trying the fruit (which is purely, entirely, oh-so-perfectly, forgivably human), but the *hiding* of it from God -- the covering up. The shamefulness. I *loved* this. 

So... for now, and for what I suspect will be a while still, mornings will be French press coffee... sunshine (soon to be snow) and Tara Brach. I tell you, in case you need something else besides, or at least to supplement, your audio consumption too. X