Off in Focus

   "If you are focused you are harder to reach.

    If you are distracted you are available."   -- Savages

Saw the above quote on an album cover for the British post-punk band Savages at Black Gold on Court Street (a hole-in-the-wall record/coffee shop), and immediately wanted to hang it up on my door as a "Gone Fishing" sign. It sums up everything. About me. My silence. My quiet. About creators. About people I know on both sides of the proverbial Open/Closed sign who are perfectly described by its truth. The distracted welcome more distraction. The focused aren't interested in anything that will water down their resolve, their mission, their limited time.

And yet, we condemn the unreachable in this society. The ones who eschew distraction. Who don't welcome it.

In this weekend's New York Times, I read an article about how reading changes personalities. I.e. A person who read an excerpt of Chekhov, and then had their personality re-tested showed heir personality suddenly had more in common with what had been reflected in the reading (e.g. extroversion, openness to experience, etc.). They became more like what they'd read. BUT all reading was not equal. When people perceived they'd spent time reading "art" the more their personality changed. This was the great tipper of the scales. The "artistic" had the most sway.

I'd like to think there's some link. That artists are so off in their own world. So focused. So hard to reach. Maybe artists simply can't come and participate in this land of distraction in the same way others do. Come to the world as it is. So intent or in touch are they with their own unique conceptions and creations. 

Instead, they insist you see things as they do. And the bridge to their impenetrable minds is their work - a suspension bridge so powerful it can actually *change* whomever steps into their vision once they've created it. 

Seems to me that's worth staying focused for. When I'm back from fishing, let's feast.