ob-la-di ob-la-dah

in a couple of years….. la la how the life goes on…….

Apparently John initially liked Paul because he could “keep up with him.”

Why is that all really it takes? Someone who can counterbalance you. Which is often a marvellous feat. For some of us.

Even when Peter Pan took John and Wendy and that young one in the onesie with a trapdoor across the sky that Pan ran circles around them. Dived down, touched mermaid scales and flew back, half-forgetting the trio he'd dragged from their beds; that they were depending on him to lead them somewhere.

“Peter! It’s Wendy!” she cried… as he passed them like a flock of birds.

“Oh yes, Wendy!”

Then --

“If ever I forget you” (as was bound to happen, *does* happen to the foreign and forgettable whom you are not yet tied to….) “just say your name -- say, ‘Peter, it’s Wendy’ and I shall remember again.”

Even so, they eventually parted. She needed to grow up. Be raised in a nursery. Sleep in a warm bed. And he needed to go on and represent the puer aeternus syndrome of our current western human race. Or maybe it's something akin to human adolescence that we're going through. Rather, more like post-adolescence, pre-adulthood -- when we don't feel we need to prove anything like the Boomers did and a sulky teen does, but realize we don't know where we're going and are scared about the fact that we're going to die.....


I recently watched Hitchcock's Marnie with a gaggle who all cried “Misogyny...!!!” after its viewing, which I thought was weird since this wasn’t a Women’s Studies 101 class where we’d all just learned a new word. But the reaction became more understandable days later when I heard this piece while cleaning the kitchen (often I get my news retroactively -- listen to it in reverse order of the way it's lived and then suddenly, in retrospect, I come to understand what everyone is really talking about…why trigger buttons are strangely getting pushed that on other blue sky days would remain inert, unvoiced, dormant…).   

While both guys and gals in the room said that so-sexy Sean Connery (hello, yes, please do put your thumb to my chin exactly like that and pull me in for an unhesitant kiss….) was a straight-up predator, I was more forgiving. In the moment, I couldn’t articulate it down to one sentence, (and almost didn't dare to try... lest I out myself as some sort of anti-feminist, supporter spy-minion of the reigning patriarchy) but when I read about Paul and John, I thought yes… that’s exactly it. I mean, the duo in this Hitchcock film is utterly warped, clearly -- but ultimately, it wasn't about *just about* "getting saved" by "Me, MAN... You WOE-man" this Marnie character needed someone who could keep up with her. Who wanted to keep up with her. And he the same.

Reading it simply as a "saving" scenario is so narrow. Maybe some of us are more extreme, but don't we all want to be saved in that "I will match you" kind of way. I see your cards and raise you? Maybe some people have lower thresholds... but isn't there something thrilling in having someone smartly challenge us... like God used to do... relieve us of our solitary walk down the block, simply by having someone around the corner, looking over our shoulder, saying "I see what you're doing" then shake their head, wag their finger, and say -- "come back here now." Even if we don't listen. 

Which is exactly what this Atlantic Monthly article is getting at when it argues that viewing John's "lone genius" as being the sole driver of the Beatles dismisses the power of the tug-pull tension of two great minds who could "keep up with each other." 

It's a valuable lovely thing. Being able to be a little irreverent, rocket across skies, pull tails of mermaids, and while most people aren't even under water, or en flight, or getting the innuendo muttered under your breathe... maybe you do all those things to come in contact with yourself -- see all where you can be found, and you only find yourself there, when you also find another person there. Peter. Marnie. Hot demented Sean Connery. A Beatle or two.

desmond has a barrow in the marketplace.... molly is a singer in the band..... 

And where we've found ourselves, we can bring a piece back. 

Seems to me having a flying partner is what keeps us on earth.