The Only Real True Way to Live Your Only Real True Life List

1. Live now. Be concerned with the present rather than with past or future. 
2. Live here. Deal with what is present rather than with what is absent. 
3. Stop imagining. Experience the real. 
4. Stop unnecessary thinking. Rather, taste and see. 
5. Express rather than manipulate, explain, justify, or judge. 
6. Give in to unpleasantness and pain just as to pleasure. Do not restrict your awareness. 
7. Accept no should or ought other than your own. Adore no graven image. 
8. Take full responsibility for your actions, feelings, and thoughts. 
9. Surrender to being as you are.
― Claudio NaranjoTerapia Gestalt / Gestalt Therapy: La via del vacio fertil / The way of the Empty Fertile